Vanilla Rose Loose Leaf Canister (Case of 6)

Sweet and delicate with a whisper of romance. Vanilla rose black tea is a harmonious blend of bold black tea leaves, delicate rose petals, and creamy vanilla, for a rich and indulgent infusion that soothes and delights.

Elevate your tea offerings with our premium retail tea canisters. Crafted with precision and designed for durability, our tea tins are the perfect addition to your shelves. Keep your customers' favorite blends fresh and flavorful with our airtight seal and stylish designs. Each canister of Vanilla Rose contains 1.75oz (25+ servings) of premium loose leaf tea.

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Black Tea, Rose Petals, Natural Vanilla Flavor, Vanilla Beans

• Heat 8 oz water to 212°F
• Use 1 tsp tea leaves per cup
• Pour water and steep for 5 mins
• Strain and enjoy hot or iced!

Bulk Loose Leaf Tea, Tea Bags (30 Count)

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Vanilla Rose Loose Leaf Canister (Case of 6)


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