What we offer for your

Salon & Spa

Give your clients the ultimate spa experience with a selection of premium teas that complement the soothing atmosphere they come to you for. As your dedicated tea wholesaler, we are excited to introduce our extensive range of offerings, including hot and iced options, tea bags and loose leaf, and barista latte mixes crafted with your business in mind.

Our partners enjoy

Custom Menus

Collaborate with us to create a menu customized for your business and your patrons. We can help create a menu that is perfectly suited to your needs. For spas and salons, we recommend a focus on teas that promote relaxation and wellness.

We suggest a small variety of tea flavors to get you started:

• 1 or more Lattes

• 1 or more Black Teas

• 2 Green Teas

• 4 Herbal Teas

• 2 or more Iced Teas

Give your customers a promising selection, find out what works for you, and we will help you expand from there. You can find some of our most nourishing and rejuvenating teas linked below!

How we serve our
Salon & Spa Partners

Every step of the way, our first priority is meeting the needs of your business and helping you build a tea program that will keep your customers coming back for more. Apart from a fully customizable menu, we also offer expertly-curated custom blends, so you can create signature teas unique to your establishment.

Our goal is to help you give your guests an outstanding experience without any extra strain on your team. All of our products are designed with ease and efficiency in mind. That's why we offer our barista latte mixes and teas both in bulk quantities and single-serve sachets, and convenient one-gallon iced tea bags. We also provide instruction sheets for behind the counter with steeping directions and recipes. From educational materials to local sales and marketing, we are here to support your needs.

Your values are our values

We know how important it is to partner with businesses that reflect the values of your own business and your employees, members, or customers. The Tea Heaven is a values-driven brand that takes pride in sharing what we stand for and where our priorities lie.


Our dedicated workers handpick the finest tea leaves to bring you the freshest small-batch blends. Other brands produce finely ground “dust tea” that lacks flavor and nutrition. The Tea Heaven always uses whole leaves and ingredients, preserving the full flavor for a more nuanced and nourishing tea.



We source our teas directly from small farms, fostering fair trade and supporting eco-friendly farming practices. Our organic cotton tea bags are 100% compostable, meticulously handcrafted without any plastic, glue or staples, ensuring efficiency without compromising on sustainability or taste. Better for you, better for the earth.



Founded by a fourth generation tea enthusiast, our company is proudly women-owned and operated. We empower disadvantaged women in India by providing opportunities to be breadwinners, breaking tradition to bring them equality and independence.

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