Citrus Green Iced Tea Bags

A bright and balmy medley of rejuvenating flavors. Citrus green tea is a refreshing fusion of the zesty citrus notes of lemongrass and the crisp, cooling flavor of spearmint, a harmonious balance that awakens and stimulates the senses.

Quench your customers' thirst for refreshing beverages with our premium iced tea bags designed with your establishment in mind. Each organic cotton tea bag yields one gallon of perfectly brewed iced tea, ensuring consistency, convenience, and compostability. Elevate your beverage service and keep your patrons cool and satisfied all year round.

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Green Tea, Spearmint, Lemongrass, Lemon Balm, Natural Lemon Flavor

• Boil a half gallon of water
• Pour over 1 tea bag and steep for 5 mins
• Add a half gallon of cold water
• Remove tea bag and serve over ice!

Bulk Loose Leaf Tea, Tea Bags (30 Count)

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Citrus Green Iced Tea Bags


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